Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Not Much going On!

It has been a very quiet relaxing week for us so far! We have just kinda hung around the house and played! Mark has not been getting off early everyday so it has been fun for me to get to watch them playing together!

Sawyer had a rough couple of weeks with sleeping, so we have been working on getting him back in a routine at bedtime, with a few changes! We now do relaxing time a hour before bedtime, which is lights dimmed, no running around, Barney on tv (instead of Cops or CSI which I think was giving him nightmares), brushing teeth and a book or two! So far so good!

I had ordered Sawyer's halloween costume last week and it came yesterday! We are so excited, it is even cuter in person than online! We have been working on saying trick or treat but he always forgets the or and just says trick treat!

That is all for now! I added some random photos of Sawyer playing!

1 comment:

Kerry said...

Is your child eating peanut butter from the jar?

I can't wait to see his costume!