Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Few DT Layouts!

Here are some of the layouts I made from the my EBBCreations kit!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Pool Fun!

Last Saturday we had Landon and Alexander while there Mom went to work! Since we were going to be home in the pool with them, we also had Chris B, Klo and Joel over! We grilled some yummy apple gouda turkey burgers and had some fun in the pool! I had found this spiderman ring for Landon hoping he would be a little more independent in the pool so that I could hold Sawyer, and it worked! He was very happy in his ring! He could get in and out as he pleased! Alexander of course is very independent had a blast doing cannonballs and splashing Mark!
While Mark was cooking Alexander decided to build some forts with the pillows from our couch...well Sawyer was not having that at all....so he resorted to building a tunnel for them all to crawl thru!
It was a fun day overall! Poor Landon had no nap and fell asleep at the dinner table! It was the funniest thing to watch, but since it was not my kid I did not take photos I just put him to bed...oh well!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

One Cool Kid!

Since Sawyer is always taking my sunglasses...I decided he should have some of his own! So when we are at the store the other day and saw these I just had to get them!

Two Rainbows!

Yesterday we had a freak rain and when I looked outside I saw this!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I am exhausted!

I feel like I have been going and going and going....which is only good if you are the energizer bunny!

Just a few updates here!

Mark is doing better! He can now put a teensy bit of pressure on his ankle...which is great news b/c he finally got up off the couch! I think another week or so and he will be good as new!
We have the most awesome neighbors! The other day Sawyer and I had to get out of the house so we went outside and he decided we were going to take a walk and started running down the sidewalk. We ended up the house where everyone always "hangs out"...they have a playhouse in the front and he of course wanted to play in it! Next thing I know half the neighborhood is there and we are drinking margarita's! Than a couple of hours later we were getting ready to eat dinner and I hear a lawn mower and it sounds like it is in my yard...which was odd since Mark and I were both sitting there??? I look out and it is my next door neighbor! He saw Mark was hurt and decided to be nice!
Awesome neighbors!
Today my friend Karen's little boy came over! Great fun for Sawyer! They played all day and than got in the pool. I think it is good for Sawyer to get to play with someone other than me...plus he went to bed a half hour early...more time for me!
I posted a few random photos...Sawyer's new playhouse (his aunt got him), Sawyer and Mark hangin out (on the couch), Sawyer giving the teddy bear love, and Sawyer in his super cute new pj's (from old navy)!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Or at least I had planned on it being happy!

Yesterday at work Mark took a fall and hurt his ankle. If you did not know five years ago he shattered his right talus bone and it is being held together with pins and screws. Of course this is the ankle he hurt again! When he came home yesterday it hurt but he was doing ok. Well when he woke up this morning it was not doing ok!
So I dropped Sawyer off at my awesome friend Karen's house and off we went to the ER.
Two hours after we got there we were finally seen. After x-rays an exam they think that is a sprain. They put cast on it and told him to follow up with his ortho surgeon to make sure he did not have a fracture!
So here he is sleeping instead of celebrating with our friends who were supposed to come over!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dinner at our New Table!

We got a new dining room table! It is actually our first dining room table ever since our last house was not large enough to fit a table!

Here is Sawyer eating his spaghetti dinner last night after his big day of playing! Our friend Karen brought her little boy over (he is almost 3) all day yesterday and they had so much fun playing! We can not wait to do it again!

Living Room Furniture!

We finally got our living room furniture and per my sister's demands...oops I mean request I am posting a photo! I do not have photos up on the walls and the tv is not hanging so the room is far from done!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


These photos will disgust my Mom so I hope she is not looking!!!

Today I woke Sawyer up from his nap to go meet with a friend to pick up some stuff. Since I had to wake him we had no time to eat lunch...I grabbed hims some peanut butter crackers and some milk as I was running out the door!

Well after an hour of shopping he decided he was hungry...I was in Michaels (not buying the treading water punch since they never seem to have it in stock...but my sister finally got it for me at her Michaels...YEAH!)...anyway...I was in Michaels...not famous for there food selection (or having the treading water punch) so I grabbed some chocolate covered pretzels at the checkout. We get to the car and I get him buckled in and give him a couple....
These photos are what I saw when I got home!
I dont know how he got so much chocolate all over his body! I understand the hands and face but the back of his legs and his elbows???

Tickle! Tickle!

This is Sawyer's new thing...he wants to tickle tickle everyone! It is adorable to watch b/c he will tickle you and than he wants to watch you laugh!


I need help! Everytime we put Sawyer to bed this is what he does! He is either getting an arm or a leg all the time! I do not even think the bumper rails would help b/c as you can see here it is stuck above where it would be! I am wondering if it is time for a big boy bed?
Any advice would be appreciated!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Finally an Update!

I am sitting here listening to the sirens going off all around me wondering why I am on the computer instead of going to the basement, when I remembered that I have had not internet at home for over a week and have a lot of catching up to do!

We are all moved in thanks (and that is a BIG HUGE THANKS!) to Misty, Chris and Joel!

We got Sawyer's room all done first! It two shades of blue and all is toys are in there! I can not tell you how cute it is to watch him playing...going from one toy to the next!
My scraproom is about 50% done! Funny story...so my wonderful friend Misty is helping me paint it and I hear the ice cream truck and I just could not resist! I ran outside...leaving her in painting my room all by herself to get ice cream for me and the kids (did I mention at the time her awesome husband Chris was mowing our lawn)! I let their kids pick the ice cream they wanted and of course what they picked out stained there faces...and of course Drew's was blue! It is a good thing we have been friends so long and they love us so much!
Anyway back to my scraproom! I am so happy about how it is turning our! Mark has put a lot of work and thought into helping me have the perfect room!
I will take photos of these rooms soon and share with you!
As far as the rest of the rooms...they are still waiting on furniture! It should arrive in the next two weeks! In one of the photos you see Sawyer in our temp living room furniture!
We finally got the pool up and running! Sawyer has just been desperate to get in so today we tested it out! I thought it was a little cold but he did not seem to mind at all!
That is it for now! I promise I will take photos of the house soon!