Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Day of Play!

The last two days Sawyer and I have pretty much sat around the house, we did a lot of playing and a lot of eating! I really think he is trying to make up for all the food he did not eat last week, he has just been a bottomless pit!

One of Sawyer's new favorite things to do are these wooden puzzles, the transportation one of course is his favorite! It has all he favorites, boat, choochoo, airplane, truck, etc.! We have others with animals but he just does not play with them as much!

This morning I heard him saying bye bye, so I go to look for him, I found him at the front door with my shoes on! He is so funny!

Mark got off work early today so we finally took Sawyer to get a haircut! He is such a handsome pants! I should have gotten a photo of the new do...maybe tomorrow!

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