Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Random Things!

On Sawyer's actual birthday we had a little celebration with cupcakes and presents...well we lit the candle on the cupcake, started to sing, and he picked it up and tried to take a bite...with the candle still lit! I tried to get some photos of his eyelashes...I dont know if you can tell, but he burnt them a little, he also burned his face with the wax....my little tough guy did not cry, he just ate the cupcake!

Here is Sawyer helping his Daddy cook some eggs! He loves to help break them and than stir!
Sawyer enjoying some of his birthday presents!

Other random things that have been going on...
*Work has been stressful, our office is going digital and paperless, which is a lot of work! Not only do you have to learn the new system but all the old info in patients charts have to be added...and it is just alot of work...
*Sawyer can almost to count 10, he can't seem to remember the #3!
*I have been completly obsessed with facebook, it is amazing the amount of people from my past that I have found! My most exciting find is Donald and Michael, they lived across the street from me growing up and everyday Kent and I was out there house playing!
*Sawyer finally has some underwear he can fit into, so let the potty training begin!
*Our taxes are done! YEAH!
*I still hate cold weather and everything that goes with it!
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Birthday Party!

Sunday we celebrated Sawyer turning two with all of our friends and family! We went with construction type them, lots of bull dozers and dump trucks! Just about everyone we invited was able to make it, so we had a full house!

I did not take very many photos, since there were so many people there..the only photos I have are the ones my friend Karen took for me! So there are no photos of the kids there...but I do have photos of the men drinking beer...oh well!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Sawyer!

Today Sawyer turns two!
I just have to say that this last year has just rocked!
This little boy is so precious, and adorable, and loveable, and sweet, and fun, and happy, and perfect!
He just makes my life better!

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my rockstar little boy!
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Saturday, January 10, 2009


That is how long it has been since I have blogged!
The only reason...or excuse...I have is that I am just lazy!
This has been a bad week for me though, I have sinus crap going on and have just not felt all that well! I am starting to feel better now though!
These photos are of a tray that I finally bought for Sawyer, that he just loves! He asks for one just about every time we go to Hobby Lobby and I always tell him no. Last time we were there he was being so good and so I told him if he could pick the one he wanted and tell me what color it was, I would buy it...and he did! We have been working on colors lately and he knows yellow (his favorite), pink (my favorite), green, red and purple (although he does call blue purple)!
For the last couple of months Sawyer has been sleeping in my bed with me, since he was having night terrors when he was in his own bed. Last week I rearranged his room and moved his bed to the opposite side of the room. We decided to try and have sleep in his own bed again. The first night he chose to sleep on the floor, but since than he has went to bed peacefully all by himself in his bed (with no night terrors)! I have no idea if moving the bed helped but it is the only change I made!
Sawyer's birthday is next week and his party is next weekend so I have been planning that! I had been planning on taking him to Rainforest Cafe on his actual day but since that closed, I am open to any suggestions for a fun lunch time place to go! (and I am not driving to TREX by myself)!
One more advancement in Sawyerworld! We are not just limited to Barney anymore! He now asks to watch Noddy and Calliou! He also likes the CARS movie and The Polar Express (the train as he calls it)! We still get Barney, which I am so okay with, I think he has learned alot from that purple dino, but it is nice that it is not ALL he wants to watch!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Outside Fun!

Alexander and Landon spent the day at my house yesterday, and since it was so nice out we went out to play! They spent most of the time racing, while Sawyer spent most of the time next to the "s sign"!