Friday, October 10, 2008

Potty Time!!

Earlier this evening Sawyer took off his pants and his diaper, went into the bathroom, climbed on his stool in front of the toilet, and asked me for a book. Although it seemed like an odd request, I got him a book. After I handed him the book, he the toilet! We were so excited! I knew he wanted to do this but we were not really pushing the issue since I can not find underwear to fit him. Yesterday he spent the day with Landon so I am sure this is all from Sawyer watching Landon potty. So now I am not really sure what to do about the whole underwear issue!

A little earlier in the day Sawyer had told Mark he needed to go potty so Mark took him in the bathroom but he missed the toilet and got it all over his stool and the floor.

So it was an exciting day at our house! We will have to see what happens tomorrow!


The Horns said...

This week I saw size 2-3 at the Carter Store. I didn't look and see how small they actually were. Thought that might help.

Kerry said...

Maybe you should learn to sew. The thought of you sitting and sewing little tighty whities CRACKS ME UP!

Maricar said...

Whoo hoo.

Oh, and for small undies, check out The Disney Store. That's where we got Bekah's when she first started. I think they have size 2.