Saturday, October 4, 2008

Poor Sawyerbaby!

It has not been a good week for Sawyer!
Here he is sitting on our couch, which I am protecting with a is why...

Wednesday night he spiked a temp of 104.3 took us 5-6 hours to get it down to 101.

Thursday Mark stayed home from work to be with him, he needed to run some errands so he dropped him off over at Karen's house for a little while. She said when he got there he did not have a temp but after about an hour his cheeks were getting red and she checked him and he was around 100 i think. He was a little warm the rest of the evening but did ok.

About 12:30 am, he woke up screaming. We brought him into bed with us but something was not right because he just whined and cried til 3:30 when he finally fell back asleep.

Friday morning he seemed ok. We got up, went to the flip zone, came home and took a nap. Mark left to go out of town for the weekend while he was sleeping, so we went over to Kent and Amy's house to hang out. He was just starting to get his appetite back (after not eating Wed or Thurs) so I gave him a piece of pizza, he ate most of it. I had brought some cupcakes for the kids and of course he ate one of those!

When we got home we went next door (they were having a gathering) to say hi and the poor little gut just started vomiting, all over me, the neighbor, himself and his new Barney book (which upset him terribly)! I took him inside and again he started to vomit.

Today he woke up and he seems to be better. He has had a few moments where he seems a little warm and I have him on a very bland diet which is staying down.

I am not sure what made him sick, I am thinking maybe the pizza and cupcake was just too much for his empty belly, but really I have no clue! He does have two teeth coming in, I guess this could be it, but he has never had a such a severe reaction like this to teeth before.

Today my cousin had a wedding reception at the culinary institute, she was married Sept 13 in Courtland, KS. Amy was nice (and brave) enough to keep Sawyer (and his possible sickness), she was also nice enough to let me borrow a cute little dress to wear! It was a nice little celebration! Robin wore her wedding dress, which was so gorgeous! They had a sit down dinner of gougeres (french cheese puffs) with blackberry mustard dipping sauce, apple salad with baby greens and pistachio vinaigrette (yum-oh!), cedar plank-roasted salmon (the rub on the salmon was delicious!) with root vegetables (carrots, red pepper, mushrooms, and potatoes, thyme roasted chicken with apricot chutney and glazed chocolate heart cakes for dessert! It was INCREDIBLE!!! Everything was just delicious! The cool part is...with the menu the ingredients and cooking directions for each dish! We were not able to make it to the wedding so I am happy they had a reception here for us to help them celebrate their marriage! So CONGRATS TO GABE AND ROBIN....WE HOPE YOU HAVE A LIFETIME OF HAPPINESS TOGETHER!

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Mcmuffy said...

Poor Sawyer! Hope he's better now. That nasty stuff is going around preschool.