Monday, May 26, 2008

All Moved!

We are in our new house!
It is still a mess and we still need lots of furniture...
But we are finally here!

Sawyer's room is all painted and finished! It is so cute to watch him play in there!
My scraproom is painted and ready for furniture!

That is it for now!
I will get photos up soon!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Momma Lovin!

Mark took these photos on Mother's Day!
Here is my little guy giving me some big lovin!

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Random Cuteness!

This was the first day that we got to wear shorts....and yes....i thought he looked so cute I just had to take photos!

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

PB & J Sandwich!

Do you think he enjoyed it?
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Diaper Changing!

Sawyer does not enjoy having his diaper changed...he never has...he is a squirmer to the extreme! These photos are of him running from me so that I can not change him! He climbed up the couch just to avoid it!
I can not wait to potty train!
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Saturday, May 17, 2008

More of My Creations!

A layout of Sawyer's first Valentine Day which was also his 1 month birthday! Mark got me this necklace which he wrapped around Sawyer's hand! He also gave me this thank you card!

The other layout is Sawyerbaby with his adorable cousins playing at our house!

Friday, May 16, 2008

EBB Kit Creations!

Here is what I created using the Main Dish of my EBB DT kit!

It was patterened paper by Tinkering Ink!

The other kits included some berry sweet K&Co and my most favorite Basicgrey!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Put It In A Scrapbook!


A Week Early!

Our moving date has been moved up a week!
We should be in our new house labor day weekend!

This is good and bad for me!
Good because I have been having alot of anxiety about leaving this house...b/c I really do love it here!
Bad because I have not started packing yet!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Magical Time!

Today we celebrated Becca's 4th birthday!

It was a blast! There was presents galore, , yummy cake, some friends, a lot of family, a pinata, and a magician!

The magician was very good...he even had the adults entertained!

One of Kerry's neighbors brought over some diet coke and some mentos and we let it explode in the backyard....that rocked!

I hope Becca had a great party and got everything she wanted!

Later that evening we went over to Joel and Cassie's to eat dinner and hang out! Joel plays the drums and I have been telling him since Sawyer was born that I want him to teach last night he introduced Sawyer to the them! They hit them for awhile and than Joel played for him! This gave Sawyer the chance to show off his smokin dance moves! It was very funny!

What's Been Going On!

We have been so busy busy busy!

We had the new house inspected yesterday...they found one issue that may or not be a concern....we need to have it looked at be a qualified person.

I have not started packing yet.

Sawyer has some back teeth growing in. As usual one side of his mouth seems to really bother him and the other side does not! The other day he must have been in pain b/c he just laid on the floor and cried! It was very pitiful! I gave him a few teething tabs and he was good to go!
Mark has been doing his boss's job...which I have not enjoyed at all. He is always on the computer or on the phone and he is so grumpy! I am very happy this is only going to be for two weeks!
Today is going to be a great day! We are celebrating my gorgeous neice Becca's 4th birthday! We went shopping yesterday and got her so presents she is going to love!
Bonus at the party we get to meet the new twins! We are very excited to see Daniel and Dennis!
That is it for now!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Weekend Fun!

Last weekend we went to Misty and Chris's house for there neighborhood's annual garage sale! We got rid of a lot of stuff that we did not want to take to our new house!

It was also fun for Sawyer since he got to hang out with Drew and Halie!
These photos were taken in the backyard after Sawyer climbed on to the four wheeler and decided to take it for a spin! He could not really control the handle bars but he sure could push on the petal!

Friday, May 2, 2008


We finally found a house and signed a contract!

We are going to be the Greenwood's living in Greenwood!

We just got a sold sign up today for this house so I could not resist the photo op!

Blown Away!

Last night was a bad weather night! The rain, the hail, the wind, the was just crazy! Luckily my little rockstar slept right thru it all! Of course that is only because Mark and I are bad parents and did not go to the basement!
The other day I was sitting next to Sawyer eating while he was eating and he reached over to my plate and took my fork and started using it! So last night we gave him his own fork and he really enjoyed it!