Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An Exhausting Day!

Today Landon came over to play with Sawyer all day...and play they did! They wore me out and I was just watching them! They jumped off the couch on to pillows, they played trucks, they slid down the stairs, they danced, they rode the choochoo and the horse, they read books, they watched Barney, they built towers out of legos and blocks, and that was just the first couple hours....ok maybe not...but to me it sure felt that way! The best part is Sawyer is going to his house tomorrow to do it all again!
Sawyer has got this piggy bank I think for Christmas, and everytime Mark empties his pockets we always take the change and put it in the piggy. It has gotten to the point that everytime Sawyer hears change in my purse or Marks pocket he gets all excited and starts yelling "piggy piggy"! The other day we were looking at an animal book, when we got to the pig , he said "piggy bank"! So tonight I took some photos of him feeding his pig!
Update on the potty...he continues to potty on the toilet! It is just hard for all of us since we have to take the diaper off and back on again since we have no underwear! I had a couple people tell me about some size 2 underwear but I dont think that will fit him, he is only in a 12 month pant right now. I did order some 18 month online last night and keeping my fingers crossed. He is three pounds below the weight they have listed!


Shawn said...

I have some girlie 12 mos underwear :) Have you looked at Sears they may have some. Cute pics wow that looks like you were busy!!

Maricar said...

I love the midair picture.

You ought to try the Disney Store. There's were small size 2s. (Remember Bekah is a teeny tiny girl. At age 6, she's still in size 4 undies.)