Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Trip To The Pumpkin Patch!

Since the weather was nice out today, we decided we should go to the pumpkin patch!

Last year Sawyer was not really into it, I thought he was just to little We thought this year he would have fun, since he is a whole year older!

We were wrong! He really wanted no part of it. I only saw him smile a few times and that was only because we walked by a couple of babies!

Being the mean Mom that I am, I made him do everything anyway just so I could have some photos! They had lots to do! There were pony rides, a tire trail, a corn maze, race cars, tons of games, slides, swings, 4 moonwalks, a hayride, a train ride, a petting zoo and more that we never even got to!

We might have to try this again next weekend, maybe we will take Landon, it might be more fun if he has someone to play with!

The rest of our weekend was fun! Friday night Landon came over while his brother got to go to a carnival, we thought it was only fair that he got to have as much fun as his brother, so we took both boys to the Flip Zone for open gym! I can not say enough good things about that place! It is a great place for kids to run and play and have fun!

Saturday, Landon came over again while his brother played football. They spent the morning playing and fighting, I think they are acting more like brothers now! Oh well, it is still nice to have someone for Sawyer to play with!


Shawn said...

cute pictures!!!!

Maricar said...

You picked a great shirt for him to wear!