Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat!!!!

Last night for Halloween we dressed Sawyer as a dragon! We had been practicing all week knocking and saying trick or treat but he did not really get it. Our first stop was our next door neighbors house. He did not even say anything beofre the guy is holding the bowl of candy down for Sawyer to just grab out of! It all started making sense to him at this point! Except the concept of only takin gone piece of candy!
We met up with the neighborhood kids and trick or treated with them for awhile before we headed off in our own direction! We have some friends on other streets, so we went and visited them. We were out for an hour or so before we were all to tired! So we went back home and handed our candy to other kids!

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Mcmuffy said...

What a cute dragon. Sure looks like he had a good Halloween.