Sunday, September 7, 2008

Things I Learned This Weekend...

****When Sawyer says "I jump" and holds out his arms for you to catch him, you had better be there to catch him, he is going to jump either way.

****Sawyer is not going to tell me when he is hurt, if he cuts his hand he is just going to get a towel and wrap it around and go on about his day. The only way I can know he is hurt is by following the trail of blood.
****Smores are awesome with peanut butter cups instead of hershey bars!
****Sawyer never gets tired of "helping" Daddy!
****Sending Mark out with his friends and putting Sawyer to bed makes for a great Saturday night!
****My kid rocks overalls!
****I hate cold weather and I am dreading winter.
****Finding a 24inch wall clock is going to be harder than I thought it was.
****After cleaning out my closet...I realized that I am going to need to do some major shopping for clothes...and I hate shopping.
****My mailman is the most lazy person ever...he pulled into my driveway and threw my packages out his window on my porch.

1 comment:

Kerry said...

Hummmmm, so do you know how to get blood out of carpet? You don't hate shopping for scrapbook things! That is one lazy mailman!