Friday, September 5, 2008


When my friend Karen lost her sitter, I volunteered to help fill in when she needed somewhere for her kids to go. I thought it would be great for Sawyer to have someone to play with! Her oldest is in grade school so unless it is an evening or weekend he is at school. But her little one, Landon started hanging out with us! He came over randomly throughout the summer and him and Sawyer would play all day! I had no idea how much Sawyer was enjoying this til the other day when he cried when Landon left! All he kept saying was Landon go bye-bye (in the most pitiful little voice ever!) He continued to say it all week long, almost like he was confused as to why Landon had to go! So I called Karen and told her that she needed to bring Landon back soon...which worked out well for her since she has something going of tomorrow and did not really want to take him! So Landon will be coming over tomorrow to play with Sawyer!
Our friends have been a huge part Mark and I life...we even met at our friends wedding! So it makes me very happy that at such an early age he is being a friend...and it makes it even better that it is my friends child he is being friends with!


Kerry said...

Awwww that's sweet!

Maricar said...

As a parent, you'll realize that the best friends your kids have when they are younger are the kids whose moms YOU like. :)