Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our Labor Day Weekend!

Friday and Saturday we did not do much, just hung around the house and played!

Sunday we went to a BBQ at some friends house. They fried some turkeys...which I just love! There were a few other kids there so Sawyer got to run around and play! It is conflicting for me to see him playing with other (usually older) kids! I love to see him interacting and getting along but that also means he is growing up and I am not ready for that!
Monday it was nice enough to get in the pool, since this was probably going to be the last pool day this year, we decided to make it a pool party! We called and invited some people over, grilled some food and just hung out!
Today we are having a quiet day at home! Sawyer had so much fun and excitement the last two days he needs a wind down!


Misty said...

Cute picture of Sawyer and his BFF aka Landon...is he picking his nose? We all had fun in the pool, so glad you didn't make me invite myself :o) Thanks for the relaxing afternoon!

Shawn said...

We were at a friends pool also on Monday the weather was gorgeous!! Looks like a fun weekend!

Maricar said...

I always love the "in air" pool photos.

Annette said...

That sounds so nice! Great that you enjoyed the pool! Now it's COLD!