Monday, September 8, 2008

10 List

TEN "essentials" that I cannot scrapbook without:

1. Ink

2. Paper Trimmer

3. Adhesive

4. Ruler

5. Pattern Paper

6. Letter Stickers

7. Scissors

8. Paper Piercer

9. Pens

10. Photos ;-)

NINE words/phrases I love are:

1. Mommy (repeated over and over)

2. Chocolate

3. Are you kidding me???

4. Please

5. Thank you

6. You go sit, I'll clean up!

7. I appreciate you!

8. Scrapbooking

9. I love you!

EIGHT favorite books:

1. A Time to Kill

2. How to Rule the World As A Smart Mouth Goddess

3. The Firm

4. Angels and Demons

5. Flags of our Fathers

6. Pelican Brief

7. You Are My Lovebug

8. Green Eggs and Ham

SEVEN things I love about my "every day" life …

1. Lovin from Sawyer

2. Mark doing all the cooking

3. Bubble baths

4. Getting to play with Sawyer

5. My scrapbook room

6. Neighbors that rock and always have a beer to share

7. My friends

SIX places I'd love to visit before I die:

1. Disney World

2. Sea World

3. a Paula Dean resturant

4. a Bobby Flay resturant

5. Willy Wonka World

6. Hershey, PA

FIVE things I do everyday, without fail:

1. Use the bathroom

2. Eat

3. Straighten my hair

4. Brush my teeth

5. Tell Sawyer I love him

FOUR stores/websites I frequent

1. Target

2. Scrappy Chicks

3. Create My Keepsake

4. Blogs

THREE photos I love:

They are here somewhere!

TWO decisions I've never regretted:

1. Having Sawyer

2. Getting married

ONE additional and very important thing you should know about me is:

I will root for the underdog almost always...just b/c I think everyone needs someone in there corner!

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Contessa Kris said...

You're such a sweetie. Thanks for the nice words on my blog. Thought I should come see what you're up to! I love your lists here, I might try to play along too! The latest pics of Sawyer are so adorable! He's growing up fast.