Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weekend Review...

This weekend was alot more relaxed than last!
Friday night Mark's sister came over for dinner, they had steak and I had BBQ chicken!
Saturday Sawyer and I hung out til Mark got home from work and than off to Joel and Cassie's we went! They were having a little celebration for there parent's birthday's! Cassie made a yummy lasagna that Sawyer just loved! He had never had it before but after seeing him inhale it, we might need to learn how to make it!
Sunday Misty & Chris came over with Halie, Drew, Lauren (Halie's friend), Alexander and Landon(Karen and Tom's boys)! They had so many kids with them they actually had to bring two vehicles! We had a good time, we spent most of the time in the pool and we grilled some hotdogs and brats for lunch. I wore a different swimsuit than I usually have on and so I got burned there but not too bad!
I am off all this week since the Dr. I work for is on vacation!
Yesterday Mark went to the track so I had to take Sawyer to the Dr., I do not like to do this! I think it is a Daddy thing to do! He had to get one shot, he was a rockstar about it though! He only gained a pound and a half and grew about a half an inch but the doc says that is ok!
When we got home he layed down for a nap and slept for 3 and 1/2 hours! He was a little cranky the rest of the day until Daddy came home! I think he knows he got screwed out of his Daddy day! Oh well, he gets me all week !


Maricar said...

KM, He is getting so big!

Shawn said...

I agree he is getting big!!