Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hangin Out!

The last couple days of just been great!

I just love this weather!

Tuesday Sawyer and I went to Lonview lake with my friend Karen so she could take some photos of him! He seemed to do good so I cant wait to get those back! When we got home I had some place to go so Sawyer and Daddy got in the pool! Sawyer will now jump in without holding on to you...and he loves to have his head under the water! Yeah for my little rockstar!
Yesterday we had to wait around for the air conditioning guy to come check out our unit...much to our surprise he got there early! No problems just said we need to clean it! We had no idea you were supposed to clean them! Oh well! Simple fix!
Than since it was such a nice day we went for a long walk! We came home and Sawyer played on his 4 wheeler! He is really starting to get the hang of it! He kinda understands that he has to steer! Of course after that it was pool time!
Rachel Ray always says that if you let your kids cook with you they will be better eaters, so we always let Sawyer help if possible! He loves to stir things, so making oj was a good opportunity!

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Shawn said...

We always let Bethany help us cook. She even sets the table for us too. That would be a good job for Sawyer! Bethany loves putting the forks/napkins on the table :)