Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our Early Celebration!

Greenwood (the town) had there Fourth of July celebration last Saturday night

I must say that this town goes crazy for this! They have a big car show in the park and before the fireworks they had people parachuting! The fireworks were awesome and long, they went off for about 30 minutes, and we had an awesome view from our driveway!

We had people over for a housewarming/fourth of july/pool party. We chose a very good night to do this since just about every other house also had a party! We played in the pool til it got to cold (who would have guessed we would be wearing jackets in the end of june??), we grilled and just hung out! We had fun and hope everyone else did too!

Sawyer stayed up until 10:30 to watch the fireworks and play! It was such a little rock star! He was not scared at all of the fireworks! Every time he heard a boom he would say "boom boom"! It was weird that our little daredevil Drew was scared...so he watched the fireworks with his Daddy out Sawyer's window..oh well I guess even Superman has a weakness!

We were so happy to finally be able to entertain, we hope to do it a lot more!

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Shawn said...

I love your pictures!!! Pool parties are fun, we love going over to our friends and hanging out all day in it. You have the perfect kitchen now to entertain!