Monday, July 21, 2008


Sunday Mark's work had a picnic at Longview lake for all the home theater installers. It was nice for them all to hang out in a non-working atmosphere! Better yet I did not hear any work talk (which would have bored me tears!)
They rented a shelter and a couple of boats, had a TON of food, and some games (volleyball, softball, & horseshoes). It was a warm day with a slight breeze and hardly any humidity...darn near perfect!
Sawyer went on his very first boat ride! He really liked all the "wa-wa" but did not enjoy being confined to his seat! Since he was under 7 he was supposed to have life-saving vest on (we forgot ours) and the yellow jacket was the smallest on the boat!
We were there for about 5 hours and he ran and danced the entire time! He was such a little show-off! I was afraid maybe the heat would make him cranky...but he was a little rockstar! His cheeks turned really red...which I am relieved that it was not a sunburn, since I put sunscreen on him twice during the day..but that is it!
After we got home Mark's sister came over for dinner. She needs to create a scrapbook page for a bridal shower so I told her I would help!
I think we were all in bed asleep before 9!

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Shawn said...

That looks like so much fun!!! Love the orange of your blog, makes me think of fall :)