Friday, July 18, 2008

Bubble Fun!

One of Sawyer's half birthday presents was a bubble machine. We had never really done the bubble thing before so this was very new for him! He seemed a little confused at first as to what to do but Landon was there to show him!
It is a cool little gadget, you just pour the bubble juice in it and turn it on and out come hundreds of bubbles! Much easier than trying to blow them ourselves, I always seem to drip more juice on me than anything!
We played with it again tonight and he seemed to enjoy it more, he ran around screaming and trying to catch them...and of course that is when the bubble juice ran out!
Oh well...we can get more this weekend.


Maricar said...

Bekah *still* loves her bubble machine. Buy the big bottle of "bubble juice" at WM ... just be sure to keep it up so he doesn't spill it. It's a mess to clean up!

Shawn said...

Bethany loves her bubble machine! I agree wm bubbles rock!