Saturday, November 29, 2008


Since Thanksgiving was days ago, I figured it was about time I posted!

Our day started out good, we got up, got the turkey in, ate some breakfast, and I got in the shower. While in the shower we lost power! Yep, for an hour and a half (and our turkey in the oven) we had no power! It all worked out ok since Mark's parents did not get here until after one, which worked out good for me since that meant I only had to spend a couple of hours with them! They brought Sawyer this rocking chair that I guess was Mark's when he was little! Even though it was from them I thought it was cute and just Sawyer's size!
Since someone always gets a photo of Mark sleeping, I could not resist this photo of Kent sleeping!
After we ate at my house we headed over to Kent and Amy's. We got there just in time for dessert! Amy had made lots of pies, but of course I stuck with the traditional apple!
We hung out there for awhile than headed over to Karen and Tom's! Of course I had to have some of Tom's apple dessert there to!
Than home to bed!

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Shawn said...

That picture of Sawyer eating the turkey leg is priceless!