Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I am exhausted!

I feel like I have been going and going and going....which is only good if you are the energizer bunny!

Just a few updates here!

Mark is doing better! He can now put a teensy bit of pressure on his ankle...which is great news b/c he finally got up off the couch! I think another week or so and he will be good as new!
We have the most awesome neighbors! The other day Sawyer and I had to get out of the house so we went outside and he decided we were going to take a walk and started running down the sidewalk. We ended up the house where everyone always "hangs out"...they have a playhouse in the front and he of course wanted to play in it! Next thing I know half the neighborhood is there and we are drinking margarita's! Than a couple of hours later we were getting ready to eat dinner and I hear a lawn mower and it sounds like it is in my yard...which was odd since Mark and I were both sitting there??? I look out and it is my next door neighbor! He saw Mark was hurt and decided to be nice!
Awesome neighbors!
Today my friend Karen's little boy came over! Great fun for Sawyer! They played all day and than got in the pool. I think it is good for Sawyer to get to play with someone other than he went to bed a half hour early...more time for me!
I posted a few random photos...Sawyer's new playhouse (his aunt got him), Sawyer and Mark hangin out (on the couch), Sawyer giving the teddy bear love, and Sawyer in his super cute new pj's (from old navy)!


Shawn said...

That is so sweet! It is so nice to have good neighbors! Glad Mark's ankle is better!

Lisa said...

Love that pic of Sawyer & Mark hanging out!