Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Finally an Update!

I am sitting here listening to the sirens going off all around me wondering why I am on the computer instead of going to the basement, when I remembered that I have had not internet at home for over a week and have a lot of catching up to do!

We are all moved in thanks (and that is a BIG HUGE THANKS!) to Misty, Chris and Joel!

We got Sawyer's room all done first! It two shades of blue and all is toys are in there! I can not tell you how cute it is to watch him playing...going from one toy to the next!
My scraproom is about 50% done! Funny story...so my wonderful friend Misty is helping me paint it and I hear the ice cream truck and I just could not resist! I ran outside...leaving her in painting my room all by herself to get ice cream for me and the kids (did I mention at the time her awesome husband Chris was mowing our lawn)! I let their kids pick the ice cream they wanted and of course what they picked out stained there faces...and of course Drew's was blue! It is a good thing we have been friends so long and they love us so much!
Anyway back to my scraproom! I am so happy about how it is turning our! Mark has put a lot of work and thought into helping me have the perfect room!
I will take photos of these rooms soon and share with you!
As far as the rest of the rooms...they are still waiting on furniture! It should arrive in the next two weeks! In one of the photos you see Sawyer in our temp living room furniture!
We finally got the pool up and running! Sawyer has just been desperate to get in so today we tested it out! I thought it was a little cold but he did not seem to mind at all!
That is it for now! I promise I will take photos of the house soon!

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Misty said...

wow those are really cute kids!!!