Monday, June 23, 2008

Pool Fun!

Last Saturday we had Landon and Alexander while there Mom went to work! Since we were going to be home in the pool with them, we also had Chris B, Klo and Joel over! We grilled some yummy apple gouda turkey burgers and had some fun in the pool! I had found this spiderman ring for Landon hoping he would be a little more independent in the pool so that I could hold Sawyer, and it worked! He was very happy in his ring! He could get in and out as he pleased! Alexander of course is very independent had a blast doing cannonballs and splashing Mark!
While Mark was cooking Alexander decided to build some forts with the pillows from our couch...well Sawyer was not having that at he resorted to building a tunnel for them all to crawl thru!
It was a fun day overall! Poor Landon had no nap and fell asleep at the dinner table! It was the funniest thing to watch, but since it was not my kid I did not take photos I just put him to bed...oh well!

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