Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hangin Out With Friends!

Last night we went over to Joel and Cassie's house for some dinner! Prince and Lesley was also there!

We grilled some food, Mark took the scooter and the boys had some fun with that!

Joel and Cas have 4 dachshunds dogs and they had some other they were I *think* there were 6 total!
When Sawyer was little they were very interested in him...but not so much now! He spent alot of time chasing them around trying to pet them and they spent all the time running from him!
Cassie had fun loving on Sawyer and feeding him cucumbers!
We stayed out way past his bedtime last night! He is usually in bed every night by 8...we did not even leave there house til 9! We thought it would be a rough ride home...we assumed he would cry but he did not! He was a rockstar! He was quiet as a mouse the entire way and went right to sleep the minute we laid him down!


Shawn said...

Oh what cute wiener dogs!! oh my gosh that looks like annie! What a fun night!

Kerry said...

Those are great dogs with kids! You should consider one for yourself someday. (I wish you would throw those pants away and quit making my cute nephew wear them!)

Maricar said...

What a good boy you have! He must have been having a great time too to let bedtime pass without crankiness!