Saturday, March 8, 2008

Another Long Week!

This has been another long week!

Poor Sawyer did not feel right! He had a horrible runny nose...we wiped it so much it has been bleeding! He did not wanted to eat...which is very strange for him! He has not wanted to play...only whine and cling to me! And his sleeping habits were way out of whack!

Wednesday I was going to take him to the Dr. but he seemed to be we just hung out at home!

Thursday I got up and went to work...even though everything in me was telling me to stay home.

I was at work an hour when Mark called me to say that when he dropped Sawyer off at Jane's (the sitter) he was screaming his head off...something he never does!

So I call Jane about a half hour later and Sawyer is still screaming his head I left work and went and got him.

I do not care that people think that I should not have done that. I do not think he was manipulating me! He did not feel well...and if my little boy does not feel well...I am going to be the one to take care of him! End of discussion!

Anyway...I took him to the Dr....and he has a sinus infection (which is what I suspected) and impetigo (a skin thing)...and he is feeling MUCH better now!

Here is climbing over the couch on to the of his favorite things to do!


Amy said...

I would have went and picked him up too!!!! I can't beleive anyone would tell you NOT to pick up your crying, sick baby. You're a good mom b/c you did!!!! (They suck b/c they would not have)

I hope the little Soybean starts feeling better.

Lisa said...

Poor little guy. You're a good mommy KM & you did the right thing--whoever said not to pick him up is an idiot.

Maricar said...

Aww. I hope that Sawyer is feeling better now!

And, my mommy 2 cents ... rub a little vaseline or aquaphor under his nose when you have to wipe so often.

Shawn said...

Momma knows best you did the right thing.

Mcmuffy said...

Yep you did the right thing. Babies want their mommys when they're sick.