Thursday, August 16, 2007

time for us!

Mark and I are both off on Tuesday's. So last Tuesday he had a arranged for my sister (thanks Kerry!) to keep Sawyer so we could go out...just the two of us!
We went to the movies and saw Bourne Ultimatium and had dinner at Bravo's! I just love that place! The food there rocks! I had the tortellini with alfredo sauce and Mark had the chicken marcella....YUM! For dessert (the best part) we had butter cake that was topped with fresh berries and vanilla bean was heavenly!
It was really good to get out just the two of us...we have only been out a couple of times without Sawyer and only one other time by ourselves! I hope we get to do it again before another 6 months passes!

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Schaun said...

It was the least I could do.