Wednesday, August 22, 2007

One Year Ago Today...

August 22, 2006 started out like every other day. I got up and went to work. After work I was going to Scrapbooker's Dream because they were having a meet the teacher's event and my sister had just started teaching. So I left for the store right after work. I was stopping and getting both of us some food when Mark called me. He was supposed to pick up Beau's medicine, he was calling to tell me he would not get off work in time and that I was going to have to go. The vet's office was completely on the other side of town! I did not think I would be able to make it back to the store in time for Kerry's thing...but I went and made it there with food in plenty of time! Mark stopped by after he finally got off work and picked up the medicine.

Not to much later Mark called. He told me I needed to come home. I could tell something was rwong but he did not want to tell me what. Finally he said "Beau did not make it"....I responded "he did not make it where?". Then it hit me. My puppy had died.

So with my heart broken and tears streaming down my face I drove home. I found Beau laying lifeless on the floor. I went and sat down next to him and just petted his ear.

Mark had already made arrangements for Beau to be buried at a friend house who had a lot of land.

So we went and buried our puppy.

That was one year ago today.

I still miss him.
I wrote this a few days after Beau died.
It has only been a few days since you left, but
the reality of you being gone has not set in yet.
This morning I turned the alarm off I reached
down to pet you and you were not there. I
find myself going to the front door to let you
in because I look around the room and you are
not there. I do not even want to leave the house
knowing you will not be there to greet me
when I get home.

I miss you puppy. I miss sharing pop tarts and
toast (and everything else I ate) with you.
I miss you following me around the house just
wanting to be wherever I was. I miss hearing the
clank of your toenails on the hardwood floor.
I miss your obsession with the mailman. I miss you
wanting to sit on my lap. I miss how you would
nudge my hand when you didn’t think you were
getting enough attention. I miss you barking at
Mark whenever he would tickle me. I miss our
walks to the lake. I miss those big brown eyes.
I miss scratching your nose and telling you how
cute you are.

My heart is broken. You being gone has left me
feeling empty. I was not ready. I can’t accept that
it was your time. I pray that you did not suffer.
I’m sorry that you were alone. I hope that you
were not scared.

Thank you puppy for being a part of my life.
Thank you for liking me the best.
Thank you for being so protective over me and
making me feel safe and secure in our home.
Thank you always being there to greet me when
I came home.
Thank you for the unconditional love you always gave. I miss you.
I used this on the page that i just made today.

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