Saturday, August 25, 2007

Places to go and people to see!

Sawyer is on the go! He is officially mobile! Sometimes he crawls and other times he scoots on his belly (which is much quicker on the hardwood floors!) but either way there is no sitting still!

He is also now able to get into a sitting position from a laying down one! He is getting so big!
Here he started in the kitchen and ended right beside me!


Heather said...

awwwww he's sooo cute and big now. but given what his mom looked like when she was young...i suppose it's only natural (i totally saw that picture on amy's blog by the way)

Kerry said...

This is the start of the fun baby times! Cute photos. I like the look on his face in the third one. Such a cutie!

Shawn said...

he is getting so big!!!