Wednesday, August 8, 2007

It has been a rough week!

It started last Friday when Sawyer could not seem to keep his bottles down...THEN I noticed he had a was only a 101...and I realized the poor boy had not had a wet diaper since I got him up! So I called the Dr., it was after hours so a nurse at Children's Mercy called back...asked me a bunch of questions and said that if he did not have a wet diaper soon we would need to bring him in. He was asleep at the time so we let him sleep...when he woke up I started giving him so pedialyte...and within an hour we had a wet diaper!

Saturday seemed to go fine...except that I was not giving him bottles...only pedialyte and cereal. Saturday night rolled around and we thought it would be safe to give him a bottle again....WRONG! He woke up around 9 pm screaming his little head off! I went in to check on him and he was covered head to toes in poo...and that was just the beginning! He had 3 or 4 more by the time he finally went back to sleep at almost midnight!

Same thing on Sunday...lots of poo! We kept giving him pedialyte and small amounts of cereal. He was not showing any signs of dehydration so we were just going to take him to the Dr. in the morning.

We get up Monday morning and there was no poo! We took him to the Dr. and she said he had a virus and an an ear infection. She gave us some pain drops for his ear (we decided against antibiotics).

Than Tuesday morning Mark and I both woke up feeling sick! We spent most of the day in the bathroom ourselves!

Today seems to be a lot better! All three of us our starting to feel better finally!

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