Sunday, February 8, 2009

Good Times!

Friday and Saturday were just about perfect weather of course we spent the majority of our time outside!
Thursday night Mark started a fire in the chiminea on the back porch and soon the neighbors were over to join us! We just hung out and drank some purple beer. I had too much too drink way too fast and passed out pretty early!
Friday was half day for the kids here and so everyone was home and hanging out down the street. We went down there for the afternoon, we come for dinner and had plans to go hang out at another neighbors house but Sawyer passed out after dinner...I guess no naps and lots of sunshine wears a boy out!
Saturday we did a little shopping in the morning than came home and played in the backyard. Mark got off work early so him and Sawyer worked on the truck (replacing the mirror I knocked off!), than he headed off for a motorcycle ride and we went next door for awhile! They have a little boy who is 6 months who Sawyer just adores! We all ended up down the street at another neighbors house til dinner time. Mark's sister came over after dinner but Sawyer and I both passed out around 8!
Today we went shopping for most of the morning. We went to Costco and there is a Red Robin nearby so we had planned on eating lunch there...but...after we sat down and ordered our food....45 minutes later we still had no food so we ended up leaving!
Unfortuntly I did not take a single photo all weekend!
I did find out that one of my neighbors is a dog foster mom and she said she would help us find a dog!
Now I am sitting her completly exhausted...which does not make any sense because I got lots of sleep!
This week I hoping to meet up with someone I lost touch with after highschool and found on facebook...have I mentioned that I love facebook!

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