Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend Review...

Friday started with a class at the Flip Zone! It was a blast! Sawyer ran around like a crazy man!

Friday night after Sawyer went to bed I went to the neighbors house for a few drinks!

Saturday we hung out around the house and played outside (since it was such an awesome day out) til Mark came home than all three of us went to the neighbors house again for some more drinks! We let Sawyer stup about an hour over his bedtime before Mark took home and put him down for the night...I stayed out and played til sometime in the middle of the night! My neighbors are so much fun, I love to hang out with them!

This morning after Sawyer's nap we took him to the park for awhile! We played on all the equipment, but he liked the slide the best!

We than headed over to Joel and Cassie's, we practiced saying their names the entire ride over, he must have said each 10 times easily, but of course when we get there he would not say Cassie! He kept saying Amy!

We went grocery shopping and when we got home Chris and Klo were waiting in the driveway for us..with chocolate cupcakes!! What a nice surprise! We hung out with them for awhile and had yummy BLCT's for dinner!

Today is going to be a long day! Mark is at the track so I have to take Sawyer to day care...which only sucks b/c she is in Blue Springs and I work in Lee's Summit. So I have to wake him at 545 to get him there and me to work by 630! Than I do not get off til 5! To make it an even worse day, the other assistant at my office wont be there, so I have to do alot more work!
It is probably just going to be a long crappy day!


Amy said...

Heck yeah, he saya AMY:)!!!! I think I need to buy him a special present for that.

Hope your day goes better than you hope. Sounds like you had an awesome and relaxing weekend though :)

Misty said...

I love the picture thru the hole! Sounds like you had a fun weekend, good for you!

Maricar said...

I hope your "long, crappy day" wasn't that bad ...

And, like Misty, my favorite was the picture of Sawyer through the grating. That was a great one!

I'm hoping that our neighbors are fun ones ... I haven't met but two of them, but I am still hoping!

Shawn said...

Wow you all have been busy! I hope your day turned out better. Sawyer is adorable!