Sunday, August 24, 2008

Is it sleeping in if you were up all night?

Here it is 8:54 in the morning and I am just crawling out of bed, and Sawyer is still sleeping!
As I was getting up I was trying to remember the last time I slept this long? My next thought was is it really sleeping in if you were up all night?

Sawyer had a HORRIBLE night! At 1:04 he started crying, I gave him 15 minutes and went to check on him. He seemed to still be asleep, I rubbed his back til he stopped crying and went back to bed. Five minutes later he started again. 15 minutes pass and I went back in, same thing, back rub, back to bed for me. Five minutes later...crying. This went on for almost an hour. Finally I just brought him into bed with me. This worked for almost 20 minutes. He did not like being in the bed with us, so Mark put him back in his bed. He was good there for all of five minutes!
At this point everything for me became a blur since I was just so tired! I do remember him opening his door and looking out than running back into bed numerous times, me trying to put him in our a bed a couple times and him up playing for awhile. I guess he was just not tired.
Finally around 4:30 I went into his room and I held him for awhile and told him he really needed to go night night. I gave him kisses, laid him down, and rubbed his back. He fell asleep and is still asleep right now!

The only thing I can think of was he just had too much stimulation during the day. We had some other kids over most of the day, he got no nap, and than we went to some friends house.
So today we are going to spend a nice quiet day at home!


Shawn said...

If Bethany had a really long day around that age without a nap she would do that too. I hope you all had a relaxing day!

Maricar said...

My Will would get night tremors, where he would wake up multiple times in a night as if he were having bad dreams ... but not really ever wake up when I would go to console him. He was consolable, but it was a tiring nighttime cycle.

LOL at the night being a blur. I've had plenty of zombie mornings!

I hope having a restful day at home helped.