Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Big Night!

Tonight Sawyer will not be sleeping in a crib!

We FINALLY found him a fire truck toddler bed!

He really liked playing with it when we put it up and was not at all upset when we took the crib to the basement...he even helped us carry it!

We just put him to bed and so far I have not heard we will see how his first night goes in his new bed! Im kinda bummed! that I will not be here when he wakes up in the morning, I will be at work! I guess we did not pick a good night to start!
I took some other photos of his room since we finally got some decorations up! I bought the letters for his name and added the painted wood shapes that I got at Hobby Lobby, I think it turned out cute! We also got some wall stick-ons that match his bedding we just got! All we need is some curtains and a shelf and his room will be done!


Maricar said...

Love the bed KM! That is too cute. (Hey - where did you get the letters for his name on the wall?)

Lisa said...

Cool bed--what a big guy!

Misty said...

love that BIG BOY bed!!

Shawn said...

What an adorable bed!!! What cool parents Sawyer has :)

Kerry said...

That is a cute bed. I'm glad he transitioned easily too. His room looks cute!