Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This Boy Loves Dirt!

Today there was no rain or snow. The sun came out and it was actually warm!

So of course we had to go and play!

Sawyer had a blast running around the yard! He picked up lots of sticks and played in the dirt...at one point I looked over just as he was putting the dirt in his mouth! It was gross...but I had to laugh b/c he just looked so happy and proud of himself!

I did notice while going thru my photos that I need to go shopping for some clothes for Sawyer! He always has the same outfits on!

Anyway I hope everyone enjoyed this nice day as much as we did!


KELLY said...

I've always found it strange that boys will put dirt in their mouths, but not eat their dinner.
Crazy boys.

Lisa said...

I'm so glad you got to enjoy the day!! Don't feel bad about him putting dirt in his mouth....it's totally a boy thing. My sister, though, used to find the cigarette butts in the dirt and put those in her mouth. Now THAT's gross!!

Kerry said...

Pretty sure my girls have never tried dirt. Maybe he needs a dirt cup with the gummy worms!

Annette said...

He's getting so handsome! Dirt in mouth, rocks in nose, rocks in ears, bugs in pockets. Just a few of the boy moments I have come to absolutely love.