Saturday, April 19, 2008

Exciting News!

We have a contract on this house!

We sign the papers on May 29 and he takes posession on June 1!

I was beginning to think this was never going to happen!

We had a GREAT realtor who really worked hard to sell it! So if you are looking for a realtor let me know!
Today I am going house hunting! Mark is out of town on a motorcycle trip so I am going solo (thanks to Kent and Amy for keeping Sawyer for me)! After doing some searching I think Greenwood would go a place to live! It is smaller but they go to Lee's Summit schools! So if we do buy there we will be the Greenwood's living in Greenwood! We are also still looking in Blue Springs!
In this photo Sawyer is looking out the front door waving to the guy (Jimmy) across the street leaving. Everytime Jimmy comes or goes Sawyer runs to the door and waves! Of course anytime he hears a car on the street he stops and waves!


KELLY said...


Lots of homes for sale in my neighborhood.....

Kerry said...

I'm so happy this is finally happening!

Mcmuffy said...

Congrats on sellig your house. Hope you find a new one quick. Sounds like you'll be packing up soon.