Sunday, April 13, 2008

Crib Crazy!

The last couple days I have found Sawyer screaming and crying holding on to his crib. The first time this happened I thought he just wanted something out of it, but after taking all the toys out one by one and he was still crying, I realized that was not it!
So I put him in the crib.
He started jumping up and down with glee! He just sits in there and plays. My sister said I should be happy he has so much fun in a confined space but I think it is just wierd!

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Maricar said...

Odd, but really - I think it's nice to be able to confine them to a specific space every now and then!

Kerry said...

Maybe he likes it because it is soft. I think he is tired of the hardwood floors :-)

KELLY said...


Mcmuffy said...

That's funny. Don't you love how kids have their own quirks?? It could be worse. LOL