Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Mess!

Sawyer and I have to share a room...and it sucks for both of us!

All of my scraproom is also his bedroom.

All day long it is a battle. He just wants to play with all the scrapbook stuff! I get so tired of having to tell him no. It is not fair to him that he does not have one place that he can go and play without restrictions!

So last night I saw him grab my scrap box (a box of scrap paper) and I just let him play.

Yes he made a huge mess!

But he had fun!


Kerry said...

I cannot believe that is your house! I knew this day would come--look at the mess! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

Shawn said...

hahahaha I was just thinking the same thing!! :) He's a cutie.

Mcmuffy said...

I think it's wonderful that you let him create chaos. He looks so happy.

KELLY said...

That's a layout! Just cut-n-paste what you wrote. Love it. Very cute.

Maricar said...

Chaos is good. Hah. Welcome to the world of mess. (I'm still in awe that you let him toss your scraps around ... you go, momma!)