Saturday, February 9, 2008

Daddy's Little Boy!

The other day Mark ordered some parts for his scooter...well they came yesterday.
Sawyer was right there when his Dad was opening the box...he became very attatched to this one white thing. He carried it around the house smiling and laughing!
Than he sat in the middle of all his bright colored fun toys and played witht he white thing!
I hope that Dan is reading this and looking at the photo's b/c Mark thinks he might make him smile in his misery!


Lisa said...

I can never stay grumpy after coming here and looking at pictures of Sawyer. He's such a cutie pie!!

Mcmuffy said...

How funny that he is in a room full of toys and yet the mysterious white thing has his total attention. My grandsons have been fascinated with paper airplanes lately. They spend hours flying them around the room. Who needs toys???