Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Another Challenge...

The ol' rodent in Philly says there's more winter ahead. Could you use one more snow storm, or are you done and ready for Spring?

I am so done with winter! If I never had to see snow or ice again in my life...that would be great!
I miss the leaves on the trees, bright pretty flowers, freshly cut lawns, birds chirping, driving with the window down, laying in my hammock, swimming pools, tank tops and flip flops, BBQ's, but what i miss the most is the SUN SHINING!
I can not wait for SPRING!


Mcmuffy said...

So you're saying no more snow. Why am I not surprised! LOL

KELLY said...

There's a shocker! I'm getting there....freshly cut lawns....and GREEN grass. Yeah that sounds nice.