Saturday, December 20, 2008

Not Alot Going On!

I do not know where I have been for a couple of week, because I have not had alot going on!
I have been finishing up Christmas shopping and wrapping presents! I am so excited for Christmas morning and watching Sawyer open his presents!
Last Sunday we celebrated my nephews 3rd birthday at the Flip Zone! I cant believe how big he is getting!
Speaking of my nephew, after meeting up with Amy for some shopping yesterday, she brought Annabelle and Noah over for a little while, which was fun!
Tomorrow I have my annual cookie exchange with my friends, which I am also excited about, except that I have to make 11 dozen cookies today! But the girl time will be nice!
I have moved Sawyer full-time in to our bed at night, it is the only way he does not have night terrors!
I was thinking about scrapbooking something today!
That's all!

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