Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Meeting Baby Dakota!

Yesterday we met up with my friend Amy to catch up and meet her new little girl Dakota!
Her mom works in Martin City so we just met up there! The store is called Latin America something?, but there is a bead store (Beadz Galore) inside the store and it was awesome! They have so many beads, I am going to be taking some of there free jewelry classes to learn to make things with pretty beads I bought!
Sawyer of course, loved all over little Dakota, who is 7 weeks! He was a little confused when we got there because I told him we were going to see Amy and her baby, so he was thinking it would be his Aunt Amy and Baby Annabelle! Amy also has a 19 month old little boy, so next time we get together hopefully he (Tristan) can be there!

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