Saturday, May 10, 2008

What's Been Going On!

We have been so busy busy busy!

We had the new house inspected yesterday...they found one issue that may or not be a concern....we need to have it looked at be a qualified person.

I have not started packing yet.

Sawyer has some back teeth growing in. As usual one side of his mouth seems to really bother him and the other side does not! The other day he must have been in pain b/c he just laid on the floor and cried! It was very pitiful! I gave him a few teething tabs and he was good to go!
Mark has been doing his boss's job...which I have not enjoyed at all. He is always on the computer or on the phone and he is so grumpy! I am very happy this is only going to be for two weeks!
Today is going to be a great day! We are celebrating my gorgeous neice Becca's 4th birthday! We went shopping yesterday and got her so presents she is going to love!
Bonus at the party we get to meet the new twins! We are very excited to see Daniel and Dennis!
That is it for now!


Shawn said...

He is adorable!!! Yippie on the new house! I love it! Hope you get your inspection al figured out!

Happy Mother's Day!!

Mcmuffy said...

Poor Sawyer. I hope those new teeth don't give him trouble for too long. I like that big smile he's giving you in the second picture.