Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Magical Time!

Today we celebrated Becca's 4th birthday!

It was a blast! There was presents galore, , yummy cake, some friends, a lot of family, a pinata, and a magician!

The magician was very good...he even had the adults entertained!

One of Kerry's neighbors brought over some diet coke and some mentos and we let it explode in the backyard....that rocked!

I hope Becca had a great party and got everything she wanted!

Later that evening we went over to Joel and Cassie's to eat dinner and hang out! Joel plays the drums and I have been telling him since Sawyer was born that I want him to teach last night he introduced Sawyer to the them! They hit them for awhile and than Joel played for him! This gave Sawyer the chance to show off his smokin dance moves! It was very funny!

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