Thursday, November 1, 2007

more Halloween Photos!

For halloween Sawyer dressed up as a scarecrow...and he was so darn cute! At first he did not like wearing the hat...until he realized there was strings that he could chew on! I really did not get very many good cant even see the crow on top of his hat (which he chewed the tail off in the car!)

We spent the evening over at my brother's house...Amy had made chili and lots of yummy desserts! Kameron dressed up as Tigger and Noah was Eeyore...they both seemed to enjoy trick or treating and of course were just adorable in there costumes! We took Sawyer out for a little while pulling him in the wagon...until it started getting to cold!
It was a good night!


Shawn said...

He is so cute!!!! Love the costume that is perfect!

Lisa said...

KM, he is just the most adorable little scarecrow EVER!!!!!! What a sweetie :)

respira vida y agradece... said...

cosita ma linda...q precioso baby... I have one child, she one years old. is my life...y loved