Monday, October 15, 2007

Random Things About Me!

1. I do not like round objects...I much prefer squares!
2. I think odd numbers are bad!
3. I could watch Legally Blond everyday!
4. I hate pumping gas!
5. I would eat just about anything you put avacoda on!
6. I can not leave the house without the bed made...even if Mark is still
in it!
7. I do not enjoy traveling!


Kerry said...

Odd numbers are bad, but your list has seven things. lol!

Schaun said...

I will have a slab of smoked ribs and bacon with an avocado sauce for you in a couple of weeks.

Lisa said...

HA--I'm LOL @ Kerry's comment! Great list (I hate pumping gas too and could watch Sweet Home Alabama every it's close;)

Shawn said...

hehe love your comment kerry! :)

btw what the heck is an avacoda? hehe