Friday, October 26, 2007

New Toy fun!

One of my co-workers gave Sawyer this little tool bench. This has brought much entertainment to our house!

It came with little balls in different colors. Sawyer loves these balls! He bangs them together, puts them in his mouth and rolls them. He loves them so much that he does not want to put them i find my little cutie holding one of the balls and scooting across the floor on his belly...i think he has not figured out how to crawl holding on to it!

But even funner is when Daddy plays with him and his new toy! Mark spins the handle around and laughs and this makes Sawyer laugh so hard! It is so cute to see and hear them playing and laughing together!


Maricar said...

OMW Sawyer's expressions are priceless!

Kerry said...

He looks like that is a blast! How cute is that!

Lisa said...

He looks so happy!!!