Sunday, September 13, 2009

What's Been Going On!

Not alot!

All of Sawyer's friends are back in school, so we have been trying to stay busy during the day!

I started Sawyer back at the flip zone. He just loves that place, and it is nice that he gets to be around kids his own age! Since he is usually the little guy around home with his friends, he always looks small to me. But since being at the gym with kids his own age, I have noticed how much tall he actually is! He towers over the other kids, the closest kid in height to him, he is 5 inches taller than!
We also have a new sitter! Her name is Kelly and she lives just a few streets over. So far he really seems to like going there. He goes there for half day on Tuesday (so I get some me time) and all day on Thursdays. I have been looking into preschools, since he will be three in Jan, so far found a couple I like, just got to figure out how we are going to do this with my funky work schedule.
Very exciting news for me....there is a new scrapbook store in downtown Lee's Summit...The Scrapbook Boutique...and I am going to be designing for them! I will use the product they sell in the store and create lo for her to hang to display, teach classes and make page kits! I am very excited to be doing this, now since it is like a job, I have a real excuse to need to be in my scrap room!

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Shawn said...

I bet Sawyer will love preschool! Bethany sure did. How exciting a new scrap store. It's been ages since I've actually been in a scrap store!