Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Little Bit of Everything!

It has been awhile!

It is summertime and we are just never inside! In this neighborhood there is always something to do so my poor little blog gets neglected!

After it stopped storming today, Sawyer and I went out in search of puddles! Of course it was not to hard to find some, we both had lots of fun splashing around! He had so much fun, after we got home, got changed into dry clothes (almost completely dressed), ate some dinner, my little guy fell asleep climbing on to the couch!

This last weekend was the Greenwood (the city, not us) had there annual garage sale! A few of the nieghbors who did not have alot of stuff brought it to my house, so it was nice not having to be confined to the yard for two days, since we shared the responsiblity!

Sunday two of my nieces had a dance recital! The girls did a fabulous job and looked gorgeous in their costumes!

On Saturday Mark took Sawyer to the air show, of course he did not take any photos! But I am sure they had fun!

This week we have not done much but just hang out, I have some decisions that I need to make about where to go from here. Alot of stuff is not just workin for me anymore!

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