Saturday, May 9, 2009

Busy Busy Week!

Ok...maybe not so busy...I just had to do more than usual since Mark was out of town!
Lucky for us that we live in such a fantastic neighborhood with kids to entertain my little boy! Being cooped up for three days with just Sawyer and I might have been more than I could have handled!
I am posting some random photos from the last week!
I threw a baby shower last weekend and made my very first diaper was fun!

Sawyer smelling the flowers in the front yard!

Sawyer "stunting" on his little 4 wheeler...I told him we were going to take some photos to send to Daddy and that was his idea to stunt!

Sawyer using Daddy's tool to "fix" his 4 wheeler!
Sawyer and Daddy enjoying ice cream together when Daddy got home from his trip!
Last night we had some mischievous fun with some of the other neighbors....I will tell you about it was so funny!

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