Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Random Things!

On Sawyer's actual birthday we had a little celebration with cupcakes and presents...well we lit the candle on the cupcake, started to sing, and he picked it up and tried to take a bite...with the candle still lit! I tried to get some photos of his eyelashes...I dont know if you can tell, but he burnt them a little, he also burned his face with the wax....my little tough guy did not cry, he just ate the cupcake!

Here is Sawyer helping his Daddy cook some eggs! He loves to help break them and than stir!
Sawyer enjoying some of his birthday presents!

Other random things that have been going on...
*Work has been stressful, our office is going digital and paperless, which is a lot of work! Not only do you have to learn the new system but all the old info in patients charts have to be added...and it is just alot of work...
*Sawyer can almost to count 10, he can't seem to remember the #3!
*I have been completly obsessed with facebook, it is amazing the amount of people from my past that I have found! My most exciting find is Donald and Michael, they lived across the street from me growing up and everyday Kent and I was out there house playing!
*Sawyer finally has some underwear he can fit into, so let the potty training begin!
*Our taxes are done! YEAH!
*I still hate cold weather and everything that goes with it!
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Maricar said...

I never would have thought that a kid would eat the cupcake with the candle still lit. I guess I've just been lucky (in that sense)!

And - WTH - done with your taxes already? I guess I need to get a move on mine. One of my friends told me she already got her refund. You guys make me cringe!